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Currency pairs

The foreign exchange market is the largest and most liquid market in the world. Its average daily turnover exceeds $4 trillion. Currency pairs is the main commodity all traders and speculators are looking for around the world. Therefore, each broker, which provides its clients with access to the financial platform, provides the opportunity to trade in currency pairs.

This can be both direct trade and operations with contracts for difference (CFD). In the first case, one currency is exchanged for another at a certain price. This currency pair rate changes every second because of the constant fluctuations in global demand and supply for both currencies in the pair. CFDs, in turn, provide earnings directly on changes in the exchange rate on the day the contract is entered into and on the expiry date.

We offer a wide range of currency pairs for trading. You can trade the main currency pairs, cross-courses, and exotic pairs. You can choose to trade with a fixed or floating spread. In any case, you will get an excellent trading environment. You can start trading with only a few dollars: the minimum trade size is only 0.001 standard lot and the maximum leverage is up to 1: 300.

Join the largest market in the world using our brokerage services and start your way to success!


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