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Futures trading is one of the profitable, but also risky ways to earn a trader. Before you start working in futures exchange trading, test your capabilities on a demo account from PBN Markets. On the trial account, you can practice trading with commodity, currency and financial futures.

Futures contract is a contract between a buyer and a seller, the terms of which are stipulated today and the buyer agree to execute them at the appointed time of sale. In particular, it is necessary to define:

  • type of asset;
  • amount of asset;
  • the term of performance of obligations;
  • the price at which the delivery will take place.

To confirm that the buyer will necessarily buy, and the seller will supply, the parties of the contract, make a deposit margin, which serves as a pledge of meeting the conditions. After fulfilling obligations, the margin will be returned.

The PBN Markets company provides an opportunity for its customers to earn on futures contracts - currency, financial, commodity, indices - in the forex market.

Several factors affect the trading of futures on the Forex market, namely:

  • changes occurring in the conditions of economic development,
  • the state of the monetary and financial systems,
  • sufficiency of financial resources,
  • improvement of trade techniques and others.

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