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In Forex, as in other markets, the basis of activity is the trade in a certain set of goods - the national currencies of different countries.But PBN Markets does not stop there, providing its customers with a wider range of tools, including futures and contracts for the difference to various products. More details about the trading conditions you can read on the corresponding page, dedicated to this or another asset.

Also, do not forget that there is a demo account for beginners who are not ready to trade real money yet. This is a training account where you can test your trading opportunities without losing your money. PBN Markets allows you to create an unlimited number of demo accounts, the duration of which does not depend on trading activity, as other brokers provide.

When you realize that you are ready to plunge into the world of forex trading, open a real trading account. To verify your account, our support team will ask you to upload some documents to the PBN Markets Personal Cabinet - this prevents fraud attempts. You can send us a high-quality photo or scan of documents that are listed on the Offer page.

If you have any problems when downloading documents, please write to us at [email protected] . For other issues, write to one of the email addresses listed on the Contacts page.

You can also manage your funds in PBN Markets in your Personal Cabinet, and monitor the current profit in MT4, in the balance status line.

All you need to start trading is to download the trading platform to any convenient device and open an account!

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